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Audiobooks / Romance

Cover for Summer at the Highland Coral Beach

Summer at the Highland Coral Beach

Escape to the Highland Coral Beach – where broken hearts can be healed.Beatrice Halliday needs a break from life. Booking a trip to the Highlands on a whim, Beatrice hopes learning ...

Cover for The Wall at the Edge of the World

The Wall at the Edge of the World

Save lives... Or take them? A gripping novel of the Roman frontier. Army Medic Postumus Justinius Corvus is a long way from his native Britannia, in the Syrian provinces at the fa ...

Cover for Barbarian Princess

Barbarian Princess

The epic second Roman adventure in The Centurions series, perfect for fans of Simon Scarrow.Correus and Flavius, half brothers and rivals, have found the life of a Centurion to be ...

Cover for Marry a Stranger

Marry a Stranger

Stacey is married to Dr. Martin Guelder knowing that he has taken her under his wing as, practically, his housekeeper. A perfectly simple arrangement – or is it? She discovers that ...

Cover for Shadow Banking

Shadow Banking

Set in the heart of global finance, Shadow Banking follows the lives of City hopefuls, as they try to wheel, deal and backstab their way to billions. Remember: life’s a trade... It ...

Cover for Love Cannot Fail (Barbara Cartland's Pink Collection 155)

Love Cannot Fail (Barbara Cartland's Pink Collection 155)

Following the death of her husband, the Countess of Wenlock was living in her magnificent house in London with her son, Donald, and her beautiful daughter, Salvia. One day out of t ...

Cover for Love Has No Name (Barbara Cartland's Pink Collection 156)

Love Has No Name (Barbara Cartland's Pink Collection 156)

The beautiful Georgina Malton is in America with her father, who is making large amounts of money in opening gold mines and is becoming even richer by investing in newly discovered ...

Cover for The Quiet Heart

The Quiet Heart

Alison had married for convenience, and when her husband died, she still had his three daughters to look after in Leyden Hall. When she meets the new master of the hall, architect ...

Cover for A Summer of Second Chances

A Summer of Second Chances

Sparks and tempers fly when Ben comes to stay in Daisy’s holiday cottage.Daisy likes routine. She goes to work, makes dinner for her son, then loses herself for an hour or two in h ...

Cover for The Oracles of Troy

The Oracles of Troy

Only the determination of one man can bring victory.The Trojan War has been raging for ten years. Greece’s greatest warriors have fallen. But then a series of oracles appear with u ...

Cover for Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows

Amy had it all – money, brains and beauty. And then the accident happened. The Present Day: Left blind and without her family, Amy feels she needs to escape. On a trip along the Ca ...

Cover for Storming Party

Storming Party

Rivalry and battle abound in this action-packed historical adventure of the English Civil War.1643: Sir William Waller’s army has been defeated on Roundway Down, his infantry left ...

Cover for Secrets on the Italian Island

Secrets on the Italian Island

Her work has got in the way of relationships before – but never like thisAnna’s job as a geologist takes her all over the world, including to the beautiful island of Elba, where sh ...

Cover for Mistress of Brown Furrows

Mistress of Brown Furrows

Carol Inglis is leading a glamorous life and has come far from her days at an English boarding school. Yet she feels that something essential is missing: true love from her husband ...

Cover for The Gates of Dawn

The Gates of Dawn

Richard Trenchard was a man used to having his way, so when he wants his sister to pass over her secretary Melanie Brooks as a companion to his young niece, she has to succumb to h ...

Cover for Victoria and the Nightingale

Victoria and the Nightingale

Victoria survives a car accident along with her employer’s son and begins to care for the boy, who is now fatherless. Sir Peter kindly enough provides the two with a place to stay. ...

Cover for The Centurions

The Centurions

Against the mighty splendour of the glorious Roman Empire, unfolds the magnificent new saga, perfect for fans of Conn Iggulden.Correus and Flavius. Half-brothers, sons of a brillia ...

Cover for Emperor's Spear

Emperor's Spear

An intense novel of war at the Roman frontier. On the Empire's Northern border trouble is stirring. For decades the barbarians have been at the gates. Now, facing threats from with ...

Cover for So Dear to my Heart

So Dear to my Heart

Virginia accompanies Lisa, her young pianist of a sister, to Switzerland where the latter can get help with her hand injury and play piano again. The famous Swiss surgeon, Dr. Leon ...

Cover for She Fell In Love (Barbara Cartland's Pink Collection 153)

She Fell In Love (Barbara Cartland's Pink Collection 153)

The lovely red-haired eighteen year old Lady Viola Francis is orphaned. She and her fortune are in the power of her stepfather, the sinister Sir Rudolph Vane. Viola’s late father, ...

Cover for The Earl in Peril (Barbara Cartland's Pink Collection 154)

The Earl in Peril (Barbara Cartland's Pink Collection 154)

Lorena Conway has devoted most of her life to being a secretary to her father, a noted historian. Sir Arthur suddenly dies and leaves Lorena with too little money to maintain her c ...

Cover for Wild Sonata

Wild Sonata

Melanie has been the ward of Sir James and called the estate of Wroxford Priory her home. When Sir James dies and the new heir – his nephew – arrives, things are not off to a grea ...

Cover for The Wings of the Morning

The Wings of the Morning

No one is more surprised than Kathy when she receives an invitation from Lady Fitzosborne for some weekend festivities. Usually, such invitations are extended to her more attractiv ...

Cover for Dreaming of St-Tropez

Dreaming of St-Tropez

The perfect escape on the French Riviera. Sun, sea and secrets... After a disagreement with a billionaire, architect Jess Milton is ‘let go’ from her job. However fortune intervene ...

Cover for The Voyage of Odysseus

The Voyage of Odysseus

Odysseus’s greatest challenge is only just beginning. The armies of Troy have been defeated, and the city lies in ruins. His oath fulfilled, Odysseus can at last sail for Ithaca an ...