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Cover for Die Ermittlung

Die Ermittlung

Am 30. Januar 1933 sitzt ein deutsch-jüdischer Beamter in seinem Büro im Finanzamt Baumeisterstraße in der Hamburger Innenstadt. Soeben wurde Adolf Hitler zum Reichskanzler ernannt ...

Cover for Kuningas Henrik Neljäs II

Kuningas Henrik Neljäs II

Kuningasdraaman toinen osa jatkuu siitä, mihin osa 1 jätti kuningas Henrik Neljännen. Tässä osassa kuningas Henrik sairastuu vakavasti. Ensimmäisessä osassa alkanut kapina jatkuu, ...

Cover for Kuningas Henrik Neljäs I

Kuningas Henrik Neljäs I

Ensimmäinen osa kuningas Henrik Neljännen tarinasta käsittelee kuninkaan kasvua valtaan. Kirjan kaksi tärkeää juonta punoutuvat toisiinsa ja loppuvat dramaattiseen lopputaistoon.Ku ...

Cover for Elina


Sisällissodan kynnyksellä torpparin poika Heikki Takaharju vihkiytyy vallankumouksen ja sosialismin saloihin. Sota syttyy ja kuljettaa Heikin miliisipäälliköksi pikkukaupunkiin, jo ...

Cover for Tjugu små dikter

Tjugu små dikter

Havet, kärleken, livets olika val – små såväl som stora – och kvinnans frigörelse. Alla dessa teman och fler därtill samsas om utrymme i Alma Söderhjelms korta men kärnfulla diktsa ...

Cover for Elsbets och min hemlighet

Elsbets och min hemlighet

Elsbet är borta, och hon är vanligtvis inte saknad. Men idag är det en särskild dag – det är en dag då hennes frånvaro känns. Det har gått två år sedan de gick åt skilda håll, och ...

Cover for The Court Cards

The Court Cards

This this story, a little boy named William has a castle so large that it takes up a whole table top! The castle is painted so that it seemed to be built out of red brick and it ha ...

Cover for Moving Day

Moving Day

I had already made two surprise visits to my friend Ole, who looked after the tower. I usually went to see him around New Year, but this time, when I went to see him for the third ...

Cover for God Can Never Die

God Can Never Die

'Out under God's blue heaven, where fields and meadows were covered with greens and flowers, all the little birds rejoiced. While joy and contentment were everywhere outside, in th ...

Cover for 'Folks Say -'

'Folks Say -'

'Folks often say one thing and mean another. Folks say so much that means so little.' Discover this less-known story by the beloved Hans Christian Andersen. Hans Christian Andersen ...

Cover for Danish Popular Legends 

Danish Popular Legends 

'Denmark is rich in old legends of heroes, of churches and manor houses, of hills and fields, and of the bottomless moorland. These stories date from the days of the great plague, ...

Cover for Croak!


All the birds of the forest long for a new, good journal - a critical newspaper such as humans have so many of! The songbirds want an impartial music critic... Discover this less k ...

Cover for A String of Pearls 

A String of Pearls 

In Denmark, the railway is a string of pearls. In Europe, the pearls of this necklace are Paris, London, Vienna and Naples. Here, we see six pearls of the Danish railway and quickl ...

Cover for Eksyneen erehdys

Eksyneen erehdys

Kun nuori ja kaunis Stella matkustaa Englannista Intiaan käymään veljensä luona, hän joutuu yllättäen ongelmiin – naiselle kun ei ole soveliasta matkustaa yksinään edes Englannin s ...

Cover for Tyhjänä palautettu

Tyhjänä palautettu

Vuonna 1883 joku hylkää poikalapsen kylmästi ja tunteettomasti. Lapsen mukana on vain erikoislaatuinen lappu, jossa lukee "lasia, varovasti", "tyhjänä palautettu" sekä "Syyskuu 18, ...

Cover for Kaksi husaaria

Kaksi husaaria

Kun nuori husaari saapuu erääseen kaupunkiin, hän jättää jälkeensä pelkkää tuhoa. Komea ja viehättävä mies pelaa uhkapelejä ja viettelee nuoren lesken. Miellyttäväkäytöksinen mies ...

Cover for The Butterfly

The Butterfly

The butterfly had decided to marry, so he went off in search of the prettiest flower. He first asked a daisy for advice, but quickly understood that he must make his choice alone, ...

Cover for Children’s Prattle

Children’s Prattle

One day, a great meeting of noble children was held in the merchant’s house. Two little girls boasted about the fame and wealth of their parents. A poor boy, was peaking in through ...

Cover for Two Brothers

Two Brothers

Two brothers lived on a small Danish island in a small house with a red-tiled roof. They were very different from one another and probably still knew little about what the future h ...

Cover for A Story from the Sand Dunes

A Story from the Sand Dunes

This story comes to us from the dunes of Jylland in Denmark, but it begins in Spain, where a young couple were blissfully happy. The only thing missing to make their happiness comp ...

Cover for The Wind Tells about Valdemar Daae and His Daughters

The Wind Tells about Valdemar Daae and His Daughters

The wind blows everywhere, pushing the clouds, slipping through the cracks in the walls and so sees lots of things we cannot see. This is why it knows so many stories: here, it tel ...

Cover for The Stone of the Wise Man

The Stone of the Wise Man

Far away, towards the Far East, the sun tree could be found, a huge tree, bigger than any tree imaginable. A whole palace was perched in its highest branches and the inhabitant of ...

Cover for Soup on a Sausage Peg

Soup on a Sausage Peg

During the mouse king’s feast, many dishes were served one after the other. There were so many that one might have thought two meals were being served! At the end of this orgy, the ...

Cover for The Marsh King’s Daughter

The Marsh King’s Daughter

From generation to generation, storks have been telling and handing down stories. Two are heard more often than the others: the first is that of Moses, which a lot of us know, but ...

Cover for The Jewish Girl

The Jewish Girl

Sara was the only Jewish child at her Catholic school. She was also the most intelligent. In religious lessons, she could not listen to the teacher: her mother’s last wish was that ...